Unpacking your iFill Cup master case

Unpacking your iFill Cup master case

Set your master case on a stable work surface, then carefully flip the case upside down.


With a box cutter, cut tape on all four side edges of the case.


Once cut, carefully reposition the box right side up and pull the box top up and off the stacks.


Orient stacks appropriately to your work area and filling machine.

Reference arrow on the box base. Lift only one connector at the opposite end from the arrow. Replace connector to stabilize remaining cup stacks.


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    • Cup Mode

      1.  2-Cup - This will only grab the two cups off of the top of the stack.  2. 32 Cup - This will run continuosly through the entire stack of cups
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      Take the colored cover off the top of the machine. Take the clear cover off in between the cup presser knobs. Insert cups into the loading tray (2-800 6-7000) cup sensors. Take a short Phillips head screwdriver and remove sensors.  Turn the sensor ...
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      If you are getting a "Missing Cup on Fork" failure cause, the most likely issues are simple fixes. First, confirm that the stack count is correct. If it is set to a different number than what is being put into the machine, it will cause this error. ...
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      If you would like to change the cup stack count or if your machine is not recognizing your current cup stack count, a stack count change is in order. Verify the number of cups in each individual stack in the machine. Press the "Stack Count" button. ...
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      When you enter the MAINTENANCE MENU there are six different buttons on the screen. Motor Jog - This allows you to move each motor forward or backward. Each of the Filling, Riser and Fork motors will have a "+" or "-" button which will move the motor ...