Maintenance Menu

Maintenance Menu

When you enter the MAINTENANCE MENU there are six different buttons on the screen.

  1. Motor Jog - This allows you to move each motor forward or backward. Each of the Filling, Riser and Fork motors will have a "+" or "-" button which will move the motor in each direction. *The Filling Motor must move out before the fork motor or the fork motor will catch and not travel all the way forward. This is very useful in determining if a motor is functioning properly.
  2. Step Test - This will allow you to test each step of the process of filling pods, without having to actually go through the filling process. You can do full runs or you can test each individual step of the process one at a time.
  3. Clear Error - Similar to the RESET button on the home screen, however this will bring the filling and fork motors all the way out. It can be useful during a "Missing Cup on Fork" error.
  4. Sensor Monitor - This is a quick and easy way to see if the individual sensors are working.
  5. Parameter - This will allow you to set VIBRATION (if this number is over 10, the forks will vibrate/shake the pods) and number of AUTO CLEAN. You can also set the language to either Chinese or English.
  6. Time and Date - This will be where you enter in the time and date.

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