Maintenance and cleaning

Maintenance and cleaning

 It is very critical to keep the machine clean and maintained to ensure a long life of use. This is a very simple process that can be done daily in a short time at the beginning or end of each shift. Here we list the steps to maintain the machine in good clean condition so you can enjoy years of production from it without fail.


Wipe down- we encourage any and all panels to be completely wiped down of any dust or residues, as well as any surface that comes into contact with any coffee products. This should be done daily.

Vacuuming- we provide you with a micro attachment vacuum to make this process as easy as possible. The left-hand panel of the machine should be removed to get the entirety of the inside of the machine. This should be done daily prior to ended operations for the day to ensure that nothing has time to stick to any of the parts of the machine.

Lubrication- there are a few bearings that will require a drop of lube to keep them clean of debris. This will ensure that they are as friction free as possible to prolong the life of them as well as provide a flawless production run. This should be done once a month or as needed.


Please refer to the photos attached to see the critical areas that will require attention the most.

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