Maintaining your Machine

Maintaining your Machine

Due to the coffee and oil building up, it is essential to clean your iFillSystems machine every 10,000 cups or every week.  Please follow the below instructions on how to clean and maintain the machine.

1. Take a vacuum cleaner with a small suction tube connected to a flexible tube (provided in the Micro-Attachment Kit), a small, soft-bristled brush (with no loose bristles), and a stack of fiber-free cleaning cloths. **Do not use compressed air.
2. Turn on the machine and then once on the home screen, press the Maintenance button to get to the Maintenance screen, then press the Motor Jog button to get to the motor control screen.
3. Jog (+) the Filling Motor completely out first, then Jog (+) the Fork Motor out.
4. Carefully remove the top cover and coffee receiving plate. **Do not place your hand into the machine whenever the power is on, otherwise injury may occur.
5. Use the small suction tube to clean all the coffee grinds on the arms and forks.
6. Press the Reset All on the Motor Jog screen to return all motors to their normal positions.
7. Turn off the power and unplug the power cable from the wall outlet, then remove the hopper with its base, the left side panel, and the Fill Cylinder.
8. Vacuum clean all surfaces, beams, rods, channels, and corners until they are completely free from coffee grinds.
9. Using thick protective gloves, wipe and clean all motors and door sensors on the front, side, and back parts of the machine.
10. Wipe and clean all bottom/side/top panel surfaces, beams, rods, channels, and corners with the fiber-free cleaning cloth that has been covered with food-safe cleaning oil.
11. Use the fiber-free cloth to wipe and dry the sensors. Do NOT use an alcohol solution on the sensors as it can fog up them up, leading to damage.

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