Lubricating your 800 or 800XP filling machine

Lubricating your 800 or 800XP filling machine

The bearings on your filling system will need to be lubricated with a food safe lubricant every 25,000 pods to help ensure proper operation. The attached video will walk you through this simple process.

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      What to do when you get channeling in the hopper or inconsistent fill volumes per pod: Ensure proper filling technique, slowly pouring the grounds in from left to right and right to left repeatedly. Ensure there is a hopper insert and that it is ...
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      Due to the coffee and oil building up, it is essential to clean your iFillSystems machine every 10,000 cups or every week. Please follow the below instructions on how to clean and maintain the machine. 1. Take a vacuum cleaner with a small suction ...
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      1. Remove the hopper and the base plate.  2. Motor jog the filling motor all the way forward. 3. Look to see if you can see the orange light on the sensor behind the filling motor plate.  It may need to be replaced. 4. If you can see the light use a ...
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      If you find that the lids on your pods are opening up after filling, the most likely culprit is that your coffee needs to degas. We recommend letting your coffee degas for two hours after grinding (not after the roast) before you fill your pods. This ...