Lids Snapping

Lids Snapping

What to do when lids break off when the fork assembly moves forward to close them.

  1. Verify that when the pods are placed in the machine that the lids are not tilted down in any way.
  2. Verify that the pod stack count is correct on each stack and that there are no damaged pods in the stack.
  3. Verify that the pods are not jammed together too tightly or too loosely in each stack.
  4. Verify that the pods are being placed into the machine straight and not turned to either side.
  5. Does the machine have the updated (2018 or newer) lid lifter assembly or the old style lid lifter to help push the lids up?
  6. Verify that the forks are clean of any sticky or oily residues.
  7. Attempt a hard reset.
If the issue persists, please reach out to to our Service Department for assistance.
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