Fill Cylinder/Weight Change

Fill Cylinder/Weight Change

If the fill weight of the pods is too high or too low, a cylinder change will be needed to correct the issue.
  1. If there are grounds in the hopper of the machine, you will need to place your auto clean box into the unit over the lid lifter for the pods. Be sure to close the door.
  2. Press the STOP button followed by the RESET button.
  3. Press the "Cylinder Change" or "Fill Weight Change" button your screen.
  4. Remove the viewing plate on top of the machine.
  5. Move the fill cylinder forward.
  6. With a Phillips head screwdriver, remove the two screws that hold the cylinder in place.
  7. Place the desired fill cylinder into the machine and replace the two Phillips head screws.
  8. Now press the "STOP" button, followed by the "RESET" button.
  9. Remove the auto clean box.
  10. Machine is now ready for normal use. Check to see if desired weight is achieved.

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