Cleaning Protocol

Cleaning Protocol

Cleaning is a very important step for proper troubleshooting of this equipment. There are many sensors that MUST maintain a clean line of sight for all of the motors to stay in time with one another. With that being said, we recommend this step before further diagnosis of some issues.

  1. Turn off power to the unit on the machine and on the power supply box.
  2. Take off the side panel of the machine by pulling on the two release latches near the top of the left hand panel. Remove the top viewing plate.
  3. Slide the fill motor (fill cylinder) forwards towards the front of the machine until it stops.
  4. Use a flashlight if needed to locate the "U" shaped sensor behind the fill cylinder mounting plate.
  5. Use the micro attachment kit on a vacuum to thoroughly clean any and all coffee grounds from on or around the sensor.
  6. Slide the fork assembly forward towards the front of the machine roughly 4 to 5 inches.
  7. Using the same micro attachment kit proceed to vacuum any and all coffee grounds from behind and all around the fork assembly.
  8. Grab the vertical corkscrew looking shaft that is inside the left hand side of the machine and manually turn to raise the riser platform roughly 6 to 7 inches. When you stop turning the shaft, it will lower itself down a bit. This is fine.
  9. Now vacuum all around under the riser assembly, the slider rails, the motor assembly and the entire bottom of the inside of the machine.
  10. Replace all safety panels back onto the machine.
  11. Turn on the power to the power supply box and then to the machine.
  12. Press STOP and then RESET.

You have now completed a thorough cleaning of your machine.

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